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Is WCSAP Going to Give Information to My Funder or Tell My Boss That I Called?

WCSAP’s practice is to keep all requests for technical assistance confidential outside of our agency. What does this look like?
  • Similar to advocacy work with survivors, unless you tell us that you want another person to be a part of your TA with WCSAP, we don’t discuss the details of your request outside of our agency
  • We don’t retain detailed information about a survivor’s situation or sensitive details of TA requests (e.g. HR information). 
  • We don’t tell our funders details about specific technical assistance or who requested it. 
  • If our technical assistance includes visiting your program in person, our grant reports will say where we went and may say what type of visit (e.g. accreditation support or legal advocacy) but not the specific content discussed during the visit. 
  • We do provide general information to our funders about technical assistance trends and topics in order to advocate for the needs of advocates and survivors. This is how we prioritize our programming. 
Reviewed: March 21st, 2017