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What About the Stalkers?

Most of the information about stalking focuses on the victims of this frightening crime. In order to prevent and respond to stalking, however, we need to learn more about the stalkers themselves. While several researchers have developed stalker classifications, the RECON typology is based on behavior and looks at the relationship (or lack thereof) between the stalker and the victim, and the context in which the stalking occurs.

Intimate Stalkers
These stalkers have had previous intimate relationships with their victims. They present a great danger of physically assaulting their targets, and may be suicidal as well. They were often abusive to their partners during the time they were together, and they pose a particularly grave danger in the period of time following a breakup.
Acquaintance Stalkers
There are more women in this group than in the Intimate Stalker group (although 87% of all stalkers are male), and these stalkers are motivated by the desire to establish a relationship as well as resentment about rejection. Their attempts at contact are more sporadic, but they can persist for months and years.
Public Figure Stalkers
These stalkers go after celebrities. They are more likely to have a diagnosable mental illness. They are considerably less likely to be physically violent than other stalkers.
Private Stranger Stalker
Despite the plots of mystery television shows, stalkers are unlikely to fit this profile. Many are men with mental illness, and the risk of violence is real.

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Reference: Mohandie, K., Meloy, J.R., McGowan, M.G., & Williams,J. (2006). The RECON typology of stalking: Reliability and validity based upon a large sample of North American Stalkers. Journal of Forensic Science, 28:1, doi:10.1111/j.1556-4029.2005.00030.x

Reviewed: April 13th, 2015