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What is Technical Assistance?

WCSAP strives to be the advocate’s advocate! Technical assistance (TA) is one way we can do this for you. We define TA as providing consultation to support your work. This may be sending you some resources via email, talking out a complex advocacy situation with you over the phone, or visiting your program to provide more intensive support. 
Here are some examples of what advocates like you, and programs like yours, have received technical assistance about from WCSAP:
  • General advocacy: There are a lot of Spanish-speaking immigrants in my service area, what are some ways I can do outreach to this community about sexual assault?
  • Medical advocacy: My client is getting charged for their SANE exam, what can I do?
  • Legal advocacy: How do I know if a survivor I am working with should petition for a DVPO or a SAPO?
  • Prevention: I want to do effective primary prevention in my community, and I’m having trouble finding a curriculum that fits my needs. Can you help me adapt an existing curriculum? 
  • Management: I’m a new director and accreditation is next month! 
  • Advocacy with children: My program wants to serve child survivors, but no one is seeking our services. How do I make sure children and caregivers know our services are here for them? 
Reviewed: March 21st, 2017