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Working with LGBTQ Teen Survivors

  • In what ways might a teen's gender identity or sexual orientation impact their vulnerability and/or response to sexual assault?
  • What would you want to consider when helping a LGBTQ youth navigate the medical or legal system?
  • Where would you refer a teen survivor if they are seeking LGBTQ-inclusive resources or support in your community?
  • How can you communicate respect and acknowledge the diversity within the LGBTQ community with the language you use when working with a survivor?

These are questions that many of us may struggle to answer, yet they are essential foundations when providing advocacy to LGBTQ youth who are survivors of sexual violence.

If this is an area in which you could use some skill-building, check out the new WCSAP resources listed below or spend some time exploring a few local and national websites.


Additional Online Resources

Reviewed: July 5th, 2016