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Working With Survivors

The information in this section is for professionals that work with or on behalf of survivors of sexual assault. This includes (but is not limited to) advocates, therapists, community educators, and program managers.

As a movement, we are all striving to ensure survivors are receiving the support and resources they need to recover and thrive and that communities are investing in creating social change and stopping sexual violence.

Although the methods used by the anti-rape movement to support survivors have evolved over the years, at the core is still the belief that individual and community empowerment is the foundation for healing. We can do this by:

  • Promoting a sense of power from within by supporting a survivor's self-determination and autonomy
  • Creating conditions for empowerment by supporting a survivor's safety and healing
  • Educating our communities about the issue of sexual violence

The information, tools, and resources included in this section will help you to achieve these goals; together we can all work to support survivors.

Reviewed: March 16th, 2016