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Your Program's Cultural Competency

We were fortunate to have Vanessa Timmons as the presenter for our most recent Managers' Institute, "Building Your Program's Cultural Competency." Whether or not you were able to attend, the discussion during the training highlighted issues you may wish to consider as you plan for your program's activities in the upcoming fiscal year.

  • Who is NOT at the table? In other words, who are the people in your community who should be served by your agency, but rarely request services? Is it a particular ethnic group? Elders? Teens? Male survivors? People with limited education or English proficiency? LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, or questioning) individuals? Rural folks?
  • What are the barriers? Why are these folks not finding their way to your services? Are there practical barriers (transportation, languages, child care) or is it an issue of perception (for example, LGBTQ people don't see your program as welcoming)?
  • Are you bringing people to the table? Have you reached out to community partners representing the people you wish to serve more effectively?
  • How can you provide vision and leadership to your program so that everyone who needs your services is well served by your activities and your staff?


Reviewed: April 6th, 2016