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Youth Activity Guide for Advocates & Preventionists

The purpose of this Activity Guide is to increase comfort and flexibility for advocates working with child survivors of sexual assault and for prevention programs for young children. This guide is not intended to be an exhaustive list of activities or curriculum, rather a starting point to increase capacity to best work with children. The target age group for this installment is 5-12 years old.

Every agency needs to be able to provide adequate direct services to all survivors, including minors. This guide will provide different ways an advocate can work with a child client directly in a developmentally appropriate and beneficial way.

Some of the included activities are designed to be flexible and may be used directly with child clients or incorporated in a comprehensive prevention strategy with children. While other activities may be only suited for advocacy or prevention purposes. You will find information about the appropriate setting, needed materials, audience considerations, and instructions for each of the activities in this guide.

Activities in this guide are organized by key learning objectives. These were informed by best practice research in child development, and sexual assault advocacy and prevention. Before utilizing the activities in the guide with child clients or children in your prevention program, we suggest reviewing the next section of this guide that presents an overview of the philosophies and best practices of both child advocacy and primary prevention. Additionally, at the end of this guide there are several related national resources on child development, childhood sexual development, risk and protective factors of sexual violence, and core concepts of prevention.

As you explore this Activity Guide, your work supporting child survivors, and engaging youth in prevention, we encourage you to reach out to the staff at WCSAP for support as needed. Please let us know any questions that come up for you.


Reviewed: September 19th, 2016