Child Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention Webinar

April 27, 11:00 am
12:00 pm
Registration opens
March 28, 10:00 am
April 23, 11:00 pm


Event Sponsor
Truth Speaks


For April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month!

Child Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention Webinar, by Truth Speaks, occurs several times. Please register for the date and time that works best for you:

Parents, teachers, families, medical staff, and more!
Have you ever learned the facts on child sexual abuse? There may be more to it than you thought! Get the real truth so you can help prevent child sexual abuse. Only 1 hour and $20.

Please chose ONE of the following dates. Each session is the same material:
April 10th, 12-1pm - learning over lunch break!
April 27th, 11am-12pm - PJ weekend time! (No one can see you)

Sally Linn is founder and speaker at Truth Speaks, LLC. She's a member of the Washington Coalition for Sexual Assault Programs (WCSAP), the Pierce County Coalition Against Domestic Violence (PCCADV), and formerly working with the Pierce County Anti-trafficking Network (PCAN).

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