WCSAP's Mentor Initiative Continues Support for Washington Preventionists

WCSAP is excited to continue its mentor initiative to support preventionists across Washington State! The goal of this mentorship program is to support statewide prevention capacity by providing opportunities to engage in hands-on learning of prevention in practice. While there are many in-person and online avenues to receive training on sexual violence (SV) primary prevention, these do not always prepare preventionists for doing the work on the ground. We value and understand the importance of developing relationships and sharing knowledge with others doing this work. Through facilitating relationships between preventionists, this mentorship program will help staff who are newer to SV primary prevention enhance the skills necessary to engage in primary prevention programming with their community. We also believe that mentors will benefit from the relationship by deepening their understanding of their work and developing valuable leadership skills as a mentor.

Program Expectations

It’s important that Mentorship participants feel that this program meets their needs so there is a lot of flexibility in the structure. Matched participants will set the parameters of the relationship together, including anticipated frequency and methods of contact, within the first 30 days of the program. While there are not strict guidelines, it is our hope that participants will communicate often and we highly encourage mentors to invite their new preventionist to observe or shadow their work to increase hands-on learning. WCSAP will check in with participants to ensure that agreed upon parameters are being maintained. Mentors and new preventionists will be asked to participate in 1-2 conference calls throughout the year, including an initial orientation meeting TBD. At the end of this project, participants will be asked to respond to a brief survey providing feedback on their experiences.

Program Benefits

All participants will be provided with up to $400 in gift cards to purchase prevention programming supplies. Selected matches are eligible to request up to $400 in reimbursement for mileage and per diem when traveling to meet in person if and when travel becomes possible. All participants will also be provided free registration to the WCSAP Annual Conference.


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