Lobby Day

What is Lobby Day?

Lobby Day is a WCSAP hosted event. It is a day when you have an opportunity to meet with your Senator and your Representatives. It is your time to communicate directly with them in regard to the critical issues that impact your work and your ability to provide services to the victims of sexual violence.

What is Lobbying?

Lobbying occurs when you contact your legislator by phone or email or meet with them face to face and you ask them to do something for you, which may include supporting or opposing a particular piece of legislation, a funding mechanism or any other issue of interest to you. Any time you spend with your legislator discussing your program or providing them with information can be considered education and information sharing. The actual time you spend lobbying during Lobby Day is of short duration. This is an important distinction to make as you prepare to attend this important event.

Why Should I Attend?

This is your opportunity to influence the public policy decisions that will directly affect the work that you do, the victims that you serve, the community that you live in, and the life that you lead. It also provides you the opportunity to meet your legislators and build a relationship with them and their staffs. It is important to note that you can always contact your members both during session and the interim. Building these relationships is crucial to our public policy efforts as we encourage you to do this throughout the year.

What Are the Other Benefits to Attending?

You will be supported throughout the day. We will provide you with all the tools you need to have a successful lobby day experience and we are there to make you feel comfortable and confident. We are happy to help you find the information you need to schedule your appointments, find your way around the state capitol the day of the event, and accompany you to your appointments with your legislators.

WCSAP is providing Lobby Day participants with continental breakfast in the morning and lunch in the afternoon.

How Do I Participate?

Please contact your program's elected officials and schedule your lobby day meetings beginning January 11, 2016.

Once you have scheduled your appointments, please send the information to Donna. It is crucial information for our planning purposes.

What Should I Bring With Me?

  • Information about your program (# of victims served, program specific information, your expertise!)
  • Extra business cards
  • Comfortable shoes & professional business attire
  • Anything LIME GREEN that you find appropriate (especially if you can wear it or accessorize with it).
  • Quarters for parking meters (or; free parking at the Farmer's Market!)

Make it Easy on Yourselves and Take the DASH!

Parking is limited! We highly recommend that you ride the DASH system, which operates every 12 to 15 minutes, from 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. This is a free service of the local Intercity Transit. We recommend that you park (for free) at the Farmer's Market and pick up the DASH from there. There is a coffee house called the Dancing Goats where you can wait (111 Market Street NE) and DASH pickup is across the street.

Directions to the Farmer's Market (DASH Pickup)

  • 700 Capitol Way N, Olympia, WA 98512
  • From I-5, take exit 105A, to City Center
  • After passing through the Capital Campus underpass, turn right on Capitol Way.
  • Proceed north through downtown Olympia, toward the waterfront.
  • Plenty of free parking behind the Market, at the end of Capitol Way

The DASH also serves The Capitol Visitors Lot which is just off I-5 at Jefferson and Wheeler Streets. Park FREE for the first 2 hours then just 50 cents an hour after that.

Washington State Capitol Campus Parking Information

Parking is limited. If you do want to park by the campus, you may want to look for parking off Capitol Way above the campus in the residential areas. You may have to walk a block or two, but you shouldn’t have to keep feeding quarters to the meters!  If you want to secure a guest parking spot you need to arrive as early as possible!