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January, 2010

The seemingly sleepy intersection of Delaware Ave. and 12th St. in Fort Pierce, Florida is ground zero for the ferocious abortion rights battle raging in America. On one corner stands an abortion clinic; across the street is the Pregnancy Care Center, a pro-life outpost dedicated to heading off abortion seekers at the pass.

12th & Delaware provides a compelling, fly-on-the-wall view of the ideological trench warfare that takes place daily at this crossroads, where women…

Reproductive Health & Justice
A Workbook

An updated companion to "Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations, Creating and Implementing Your Strategic Plan" is a step-by-step guide to strategic planning. This second edition is filled with useful tools, including illustrative examples, detailed questionnaires, and easy-to-understand worksheets. It takes users through every step of creating a tailored strategic plan, from concrete guidelines for brainstorming sessions, to developing show…

Management, Nonprofit Governance, Planning
January, 2008

"This journey towards the remembrance and recognition of one’s true self awaits us all. Nothing can stop it. As we so beautifully see in these pages, not even the most tremendous pain can halt the flowering of the spirit—if we refuse to let it. In that sense, this is not a book about agony of abuse—be it sexual, physical or emotional. This is a book about healing, about coming together, about embracing the love and forgiveness that it takes to reclaim the most tender and vulnerable…

Advocacy, Child Sexual Abuse, CSA Prevention
A Manual for Facilitators of Therapeutic Support Groups
January, 1991


This manual contains information about the healing process for adult survivors, group facilitation, and self-contained sessions for facilitators of therapy groups.

  1. Facilitation
  2. Support Groups
  3. Therapy/Treatment: Adult Survivors/Partners of Survivors
  • Author: Yamamoto-Nading, /Stringer DeAnn, /Gayle.
  • Publisher: King County Sexual Assault Resource Center, 1991.
Guides & Activities, Support Groups, Therapy
January, 2010

Centered on an educational performance by Jeffrey Bucholtz, this film enhances our cultural understanding about the connections between different forms of oppression, and how those oppressions facilitate sexual violence.

  1. Oppression
  2. Anti-violence
  3. Popular Culture
  4. Sexual Assault
  5. Sexual Violence
  6. Intersectionality
  7. Gender Roles
  • Author: Bucholtz, Jeffrey
  • Publisher: IMO, 2010
Men, Women, and Rape
January, 1993

Documents the history, politics, and sociology of rape and the inherent and ingrained inequality of men and women under the law.

  1. Rape
  2. Victims
  3. Offenders
  4. Overview
  5. History
  • Author: Susan Brownmiller
  • Publisher: Fawcett Columbine, 1993.
Anti-Oppression, Theory & Concepts
An Exploration of Abuse, Help Seeking and Why They Stay
January, 2000

Study that investigates the experiences of battered gay and bisexual men.

  1. Bisexual
  2. Crime
  3. Gay
  4. Male Violence
  5. Sexual Violence
  6. Rape
  7. Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Communities
  • Author: Merrill, Gregory
  • Publisher: Haworth Press, Inc, 2000.
Transforming Our Nation's Response to Rape Victim Rights Law Center
Book & DVD
January, 2004

1 binder plus 1 DVD

  1. Legal issues
  2. Civil lawsuits
  • Author: WCSAP, Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs
  • Publisher: WCSAP 2004
Criminal Justice Process
Speak Act Change: Youth Advocacy Kit
January, 2011

This curriculum is part of the larger, "Respect Works," curriculum and can be used in conjunction with, "Safe Dates." For Grades 8-12. Activate your students by giving them the tools to protect themselves and their peers from dating violence.

  1. Awareness raising
  2. Peer leadership
  3. Dating Violence
  4. Youth Advocacy
  • Author: Breaking the Cycle
  • Publisher: Hazelden, 2011
Child Sexual Abuse, CSA Prevention, Guides & Activities
January, 2000

Article features a family strengthening strategy that integrates theory with decades of research and practice at the University of Miami in an intensive, short-term, problem focused intervention, generally lasting about three

  1. Intervention
  2. Family
  3. Therapy
  • Author: Robbins/Szapocznik, Micheal/Jose'
  • Publisher: Washinton, D.C. : Juvenile Justice Bulletin, 2000
Parents & Caregivers, Therapy

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