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November, 2018

In our industry as Managers, Supervisors and Executive Directors there are a plethora of gifting's that are bestowed to us in how we serve, advocate and add value to our organizations and or coalitions. In order to serve with due diligence we have to be willing to strive towards working as experts on a mission to eliminate any and all forms of oppression that serves to corrode and undermine the work of the anti-sexual violence movement.

The main form of oppression tends to rear its…

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January, 2012

It's no wonder that many of us spend time working to prevent sexual violence with children and young people. Since the goal is to prevent first-time victimization and perpetration of sexual violence, we need to start giving tools and changing norms early on. Of course we also know that prevention work needs to span individuals, communities, and society and those social change efforts need to continue over the life span.

Young people are immersed in youth culture and can offer…

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External Website

This 26-session curriculum, created by Paul Kivel and Allan Creighton, address:

  • gender norms,
  • power and control,
  • homophobia,
  • racism,
  • sexism, and
  • other factors that contribute to gender-based violence.

Young men are given tools to create healthy relationships through group discussions, activities, and videos.

The website provides facilitators with tips on how to incorporate into school…

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Grounding and Anxiety Management with Young Children Series: Part 2 of 3
April, 2021

Welcome to the second installment in our 3-part series on grounding and anxiety management with young children! In this series we are focusing on simple, fun, and helpful activities that you can teach anyone in your family, including young children, to help them cope with stressors and anxiety. For our second activity, we will be learning how to make a "Worry Box".

Worry Box
Create a fun, bonding experience with your child by teaching them how to cope and deal with worries and…

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WCSAP Webpage
September, 2014

Even though we work in the anti-violence field, we sometimes overlook the need for workplace violence prevention and intervention plans for our own programs. While agencies may be well aware of the risk of violence from an abuser who is connected to a client, we may not consider the possibility of employee-to-employee violence, risk from someone who is stalking or abusing a staff member, or threats from a worker whose employment is being terminated.

Managers could use the following…

  • Supervision
TA Bulletin
WCSAP Webpage
February, 2022

Working with Businesses 

Programs have been experiencing an increased demand for training, policies, and technical assistance from local employers about workplace violence and harassment. While these issues touch on a lot of the work we do as sexual assault programs, it doesn’t always feel like this is our wheelhouse. This TA Bulletin includes some helpful framing and resources so you have somewhere to start when receiving community requests.

Lean into the aspects you are…

  • Criminal Justice Process
November, 2004

The publication is organized into five sections in addition to the appendix:

  • Stakeholder Recruitment
  • Underlying Conditions
  • Needs Assessment
  • Development of the Community Plan
  • Evaluation

Each section consists of a brief overview of the supporting community development concept and a first person narrative from the facilitator of the community development process. It is our hope that information in this…

  • CSA Prevention
The Healthy Youth Act and Your Community
September, 2009

Prevention programming is happening in communities across Washington in a variety of settings. However, it's hard to deny that schools are not a very popular place to deliver these messages. And for good reason, that's where the kids are. That's where our future goes to figure out what kind of world we'll all be living in tomorrow.

For this issue of the PISC, we are talking about schools. We take a look at the laws about what schools must offer, we provide ideas and resources about…

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Including Youth With Intellectual Disabilities in Prevention Groups
December, 2018

Many sexual assault service professionals feel unprepared when youth with intellectual disabilities (ID) participate in prevention groups. However, we should expect to see more youth with ID in such groups because of the current focus on inclusion in the public-school system.

This webinar will provide information and resources to assist the S/A professional to feel more confident in meaningfully including and supporting a prevention group participant with ID.

  • Prevention
  • Disability
External Website

WholeSomeBodies is a curriculum for adults who have children and youth in their lives. Includes a guide for facilitators and a participant workbook with activities and materials to support workshops that address topics such as:

  • etymology and circles of sexuality,
  • sensuality,
  • gender,
  • childhood messages,
  • body image, and
  • media awareness.

Additional material addresses how to have difficult…

  • CSA Prevention
  • Curriculums
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Healthy Sexuality