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Addressing Faith Issues in Sexual and Domestic Violence
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November, 2018

Faith communities can be both a place of healing and a place of pain for survivors. As is true with all institutions, there are structures and practices that can both protect and harm individuals.

It is important to emphasize that specific religions do not cause abuse to happen; rather we must examine the ways in which people play a part in creating an environment of silence within religious institutions. Silence becomes embedded in the organizational practices of institutions but…

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The Virginity Movement's War Against Women
June, 2012

This documentary is an adaptation of Jessica Valenti's 2009 bestselling book "The Purity Myth: How America's Obsession with Virginity is Hurting Young Women." The documentary, which Valenti co-wrote the documentary with director Jeremy Earp, brings to life her argument by allowing the audience to see the pop-culture examples of the American media's problematical portrayal of women's sexuality.

The book and documentary both build upon Valenti's concept of the "purity myth," which she…

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Examples of Successful Partnerships Making a Difference in Victims Lives

Faith-Based Responses to Crime Victims This 30-minute DVD (NCJ 216616) provides the faith community and the victim services field with examples of successful partnerships that are making a difference in victims’ lives throughout

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  • Author: Office for Crime Victims Resources
  • Publisher: Office for Victims of Crime. Video Action/OCV Publication.
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This program, created by Jewish Women International, explores issues

  • power and control,
  • gender,
  • self-esteem,
  • masculinity, and
  • relationships

within a Jewish context.

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