Our History WCSAP Celebrates 40 Years!

In 1979, ten sexual assault/rape crisis programs in Washington State united to form the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs (WCSAP). These programs and WCSAP emerged as leaders in the field of sexual violence. Today, with a coalition of over one hundred sexual assault /crisis programs and supporting members, WCSAP continues to make a difference in the struggle to end sexual violence.

This leadership is especially important now, as sexual violence within our society continues to escalate. A crime with often devastating effects on its victims, sexual violence involves the use of power, control, and manipulation over others. Any form of sexual contact that is without the consent of both parties is an act of sexual violence and anyone can become a victim.

Fortunately, individuals and organizations are joining together to end sexual violence, and WCSAP is one of them. Through education, program assistance, legislation, a pro-active philosophy supporting victims' rights, and the support of individuals, organizations, and corporations, WCSAP remains a dedicated leader in efforts to eliminate sexual violence.