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Utilizing creative and concrete tools in this fun and interactive workshop by Queery, participants can enhance their school-based and organizational primary violence prevention projects.  Although Queery’s art-based education programs are designed by and for the…

Socialized gatekeeping explores the role gatekeeping has served in reinforcing oppression strategies. This workshop provides participants the opportunity to have a foundational understanding of the gatekeeping process, its key components and the many ways the…

Childhood sexual abuse (CSA) is a pandemic that impacts almost every single social justice issue. Long before the COVID-pandemic arrived, CSA survivors knew first hand about surviving the CSA pandemic while sheltering in place with their harm-doers. Children are often always sheltering in place…

This interactive workshop will provide participants an opportunity to develop an understanding of how the historical experience of American Indians and Alaska Natives connects to Intergenerational Trauma, ongoing discrimination, racism, lateral violence, and Adverse…

Two-part webinar

Beyond Labels explores the relationship between domestic and sexual violence, mental health, and substance use. This is a guide for domestic and sexual violence staff seeking to improve their response to survivors who have mental health disabilities and substance use…

Supporting Equitable Advocacy (for Advocates)
9am – 11am

Ensuring safety and security for all survivors requires an organizational and personal commitment to racial justice, healing,…

This workshop brings a sex-positive lens to prevention, shifting the goal from consensual transactions to pleasurable play. ­­We will explore mainstream sexual norms–from “foreplay” to fake orgasms–and how they perpetuate a sex-negative, rape culture. In an effort to envision…

Colonialism and coloniality imposed a way of organizing relations of production, cosmologies, ways of knowing and being in which individuals, families and communities adapted and transformed adversity. Sexual violence was central to the process of

Registration opens in May. Sessions will be held:

  • Friday, June 11
  • Monday, June 14
  • Wednesday, June 16
  • Monday, June 21
  • Wednesday, 23
  • Friday, June 25
  • Monday, June 28
  • Wednesday, June 30

All sessions…


Advocate Core is held 3 times a year

  • At this time, all trainings are virtual, and will be held on Zoom

Therapist Core is held twice a year

  • At this time, all trainings are virtual, and will be held on Zoom

Annual Conference

  • At this time, all trainings are virtual, and will be held on Zoom

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