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Seeking Executive Director

Dear WCSAP members,

As part of our commitment to ensuring strong leadership at the board and executive level, we seeking a visionary leader to serve as WCSAP’s next executive director.

The person who steps into this role will have the opportunity to lead the agency toward a refined vision and defined strategic direction to fulfill WCSAP’s important mission. We’re seeking in candidates who:

In Support of Black Lives A Statement from WCSAP Board of Directors

As one of the leaders in the movement to end sexual violence in Washington and across the nation, WCSAP understands the deep intersection between forms of oppression. These forms of oppression create a system that puts people of color at an increased risk for violence, discrimination, and inequity. We support efforts to create an atmosphere of nonviolence through social change. We recognize that disrespect, ignorance and the abuse of disparities in power are the roots of violence.

Partner Letter

Dear partner,

WCSAP has recently gone through some significant changes, and we’re working on creating a path to move forward  to best serve our community.

COVID-19 Public Health Crisis Resources will be updated as information changes

As happens during natural disasters, survivors may not report a sexual assault or seek services for a variety of reasons. They may feel that sexual assault is not "as important" in the current context. Because of the chaos associated with a public health crisis, survivors may not know how to seek services, if anything is open/available, where to go, or who to talk to.

WCSAP supports Safety and Access for Immigrant Survivors and Communities We oppose SB 6030/HB 2226

The Senate bill 6030 plans to make immigrant communities less safe, silence immigrant survivors, and push them further into the shadows. Immigrant survivors need access to justice and to reach out for support when they experience violence and discrimination. This access will effectively be blocked when the fear of removal from the U. S. is stronger.

Legislative Advocacy Updates

WCSAP Supports Safer Immigrant Communities

We aim to create a safer state for immigrants and refugees and encourage our communities to continue to build onto existing protections and to center immigrant communities in creating solutions for access and safety.