Ongoing Advocacy Training Overview

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Lime Kiln Lighthouse

Sexual assault advocates must complete 30 hours of initial sexual assault training plus 12 hours of ongoing sexual assault training annually. WCSAP strives to support sexual assault advocates and local programs by providing Advocate Core Training across Washington state regions three times per year, and ongoing training open for continuing education hours. Ongoing training is provided in-person across the state, as well as online via webinar or through WCSAP's e-learning center. All Advocate Core Training curriculum or ongoing training hours completed outside of WCSAP must be approved by the Training Specialist at WCSAP.

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Advocate Core is held 3 times a year

  • March, Western Washington
  • August, Eastern Washington
  • October / November, Central Washington

Therapist Core is held twice a year

  • January / February, Western Washington
  • July, Eastern Washington

Annual Conference

  • End of April, Early May, Location Varies

For notifications of the next training