Parent Support Group Guide A Guide to Psychoeducational Support Groups for Nonoffending Parents and Caregivers of Children Who Have Been Sexually Abused



Date of Publication
June, 2012

This Guide is a supplement to the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs' (WCSAP) general guide to psychoeducational support groups, Circle of Hope. Circle of Hope provides information about the nature of psychoeducational groups and how they differ from self-help and therapy groups. In addition, there is general guidance on how to select participants, work with a co-facilitator, establish a curriculum, maintain healthy boundaries, and handle the inevitable concerns that arise in the course of running groups. This Guide expands upon Circle of Hope within the specific context of groups for nonoffending parents and is intended to be used in conjunction with it.

Parent support groups can be remarkable tools for supporting a family's recovery from the trauma of sexual abuse. We respect the people who run parent groups, as well as the parents who have the courage to participate. Facilitating these groups is rewarding but challenging. This guide offers information about parents' needs, ideas on how to form and sustain a support group, a suggested curriculum, and abundant resources.

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