Awareness Raising Awareness & Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Raising awareness of sexual assault has been a key part of our work since the beginnings of the rape crisis movement in the 1970s. For decades, even centuries, survivors often kept their experiences of sexual assault secret, often out of shame or fear. When women began to gather together and share their experiences, and as researchers later validated, it became clear that sexual violence was pervasive and far more common than anyone imagined.

Today we can speak about sexual violence in public and work on prevention campaigns in every part of the state. Every year, the Governor of Washington State proclaims April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. We have also come to understand how sexual violence overlaps with other forms of violence including stalking and teen dating violence.

In this section you will find resources for the following awareness campaigns:

  • April - Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  • January - Stalking Awareness Month
  • February - Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Resources on Other Websites

National Awareness Month Information: