Training Overview

The 30-hour Advocate Core training is designed to help new sexual assault advocates provide responsive and effective advocacy to survivors of sexual assault. This training meets the requirements as outlined by the… Read more


Orientation Training Overview

Course objectives

Working with Incarcerated Survivors Orientation for PREA Advocates

This 7 hour online course is an introductory opportunity for advocates who will be working with clients in federal and state prisons, jails, police lock-ups, private facilities, and… Read more


For accredited Community Sexual Assault Programs in Washington State, there are specific training requirements for those in management and supervisory positions. WCSAP's Organizational Services Specialist ensures an annual training plan to include in-person and webinar learning opportunity as… Read more


Training Overview

Sexual assault advocates must complete 30 hours of initial sexual assault training plus 12 hours of ongoing sexual assault training annually. WCSAP strives to support sexual assault advocates and local programs by providing Advocate Core Training across Washington state regions three times per… Read more


Training Overview

Course objectives

The objective of this course is to expand knowledge of critical aspects of sexual violence prevention. We will begin with an overview of sexual violence prevention, which includes a discussion of public health theory and its relevance to primary prevention efforts.… Read more


Training Overview

This 23 hour training will satisfy the Office of Crime Victims Advocacy Core training requirements for therapists treating victims of sexual assault/abuse. This training has two sections. Part one is a 7.5hr online tutorial that you must register for and complete prior to attending the in-person… Read more


Advocate Core

  • Advocate Core is held 3 times a year
  • At this time, all trainings are virtual, and will be held on Zoom

Therapist Core

  • Therapist Core is held twice a year
  • At this time, all trainings are virtual, and will be held on Zoom

Annual Conference

  • Annual Conference is held once a year
  • At this time, all trainings are virtual, and will be held on Zoom

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