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For accredited Community Sexual Assault Programs in Washington State, there are specific training requirements for those in management and supervisory positions. WCSAP's Organizational Services Specialist ensures an annual training plan to include in-person and webinar learning opportunity as well as management-centered workshops at the WCSAP annual conference. 

The organization’s director is qualified by having a minimum of six years of management experience. College education may substitute, year for year, for no more than a total of four of the years. The director must also have a minimum of 20 hours of management training specific to not-for-profits, including public and private human service agencies. The sexual abuse/assault program director/coordinator (when not the agency director) must have a minimum of 10 hours of general management training.

Everyone providing core services, including supervisors, must have 12 hours of ongoing training annually. This training must be approved by WCSAP. Management staff who do not provide direct services must have at least 12 hours of ongoing management training each year. Management staff who also provide direct services may include management training in the required 12 hours of ongoing direct service annual training.

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Advocate Core is held 3 times a year

  • March, Western Washington
  • August, Eastern Washington
  • October / November, Central Washington

Therapist Core is held twice a year

  • January / February, Western Washington
  • July, Eastern Washington

Annual Conference

  • End of April, Early May, Location Varies

For notifications of the next training