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IT Maestro

Conrad Schuler has been with WCSAP since December 2011. He provides IT support to the organization, including maintaining the Drupal website, the Salesforce CRM, and the Moodle lMS. He enjoys finding simple solutions that actually reduce work, and avoiding shiny, new, overly complex technologies that increase work. That sounds something like this:

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Leave him alone, and he will probably hole up in his office, bathing in the glow of multiple monitors.

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Portrait of Patrícia Flores
Advocacy Coordinator

Patrícia is from Toppenish (Yakima Valley), the Yakama Reservation. As an Advocate on the front lines in Toppenish, Yakima and Seattle — Patrícia continues her work, side by side with passionate Advocates throughout Washington State. Patrícia enjoys creativity and thinking “outside of the box” with her colleagues within the WCSAP staff and with the WCSAP membership — Advocates. As the fifth child of six children born to an Immigrant (Mexico) parent and a Migrant parent, who were both farm workers and activists as they raised their family in Toppenish, Patrícia learned early on that each individual is highly capable and brings their own expertise and strength to their life experience and the greater community.

When Patrícia is not working she loves spending time with her 3 adult kids and 10 grandchildren!

She began her work with the movement to end violence in the mid 90’s as a trained volunteer Rape Crisis Line Advocate in Seattle. As a Crisis Advocate she was trained to support people calling in to the Crisis Line and meet survivors at the hospital. Later, Patrícia found this very helpful in her work at Columbia Legal Services as their Community Worker. At CLS Patrícia had the privilege of working with people who worked in farm labor and in warehouse work around sexual harassment in the work place. CLS began the Amparo Project and Patrícia facilitated house meetings with workers to discuss sexual harassment and rape in the work place. Patrícia also worked as a Volunteer Sexual Assault Advocate in Yakima. While at CLS Patrícia became a WCSAP Board Member and later was the Bilingual Advocacy Specialist at WCSAP in their collaboration with WSCADV and the Crossing Borders Project. Patrícia also had the privilege of working for WSCADV as a consultant in their Crossing Borders work.

Patrícia is a Certified Facilitative Mediator and holds an Advanced Certificate (China) in QiGong Image Healing & Meditation.

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Talcott Broadhead
Organizational Services Specialist

Talcott Broadhead is a transgender author, Social Worker, professor, and former Director of PLU’s Center for Gender Equity. Talcott’s work centers survivors, transgender liberation, anti-racism and gender equity. They have developed gender affirming policy and curriculum for many State agencies, Universities and Healthcare providers. Talcott is the author of “Meet Polkadot," a children's book about a non-binary transgender child navigating a binary world. Talcott’s pronouns are they, them and their.

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