The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Youth in Washington State 2010 Survey Results and Recommendations



Date of Publication
January, 2011

The information gathered from this survey highlighted those areas that require further attention and additional resources. It also identified that programs have been adaptive and innovative in responding to this problem despite existing resource and knowledge gaps. Some of the practices that are already being implemented, such as system coordination, have proven to be quite valuable in this context but we must also continue to expand our thinking and relationship-building efforts beyond traditional system partners.

While there seems to be a general awareness of the problem of commercial sexual exploitation, there is still a lack of practical and advanced information and training on how to effectively respond to the unique challenges that service providers may face while reaching out to and serving commercially sexually exploited youth. This is especially true for those who are working in the rural areas of Washington State.

Finally, the insights gained through this initial survey warrant further information-gathering to guide future work. The perspectives of service providers and survivors are invaluable as we continue to develop and implement new strategies and resources to support these youth.

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