Community Development and Sexual Violence Prevention



Date of Publication
January, 1999

Community development and social change strategies - something new? As the old song lyric says, "Everything old is new again."

When the state Sexual Assault Prevention Advisory Committee was convened by the Office of Crime Victims Advocacy in 1997 to explore and discuss sexual assault prevention approaches, it was a committee representative of the entire sexual assault prevention community. There were key representatives from the Department of Health, from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Community Sexual Assault Programs, individual schools, community prevention providers and consultants and Regional Health Districts. After many meetings and long deliberations, this committee made a deliberate choice to stay with the social change missions of Community Sexual Assault Programs. The committee set as a goal for the state:

To impact the underlying causes of sexual violence through the shifting of ownership of solutions from social services to the community using a community development approach.