Real Tools: Responding to Multi-Abuse Trauma A Tool Kit to Help Advocates and Community




Advocates and other social service providers who have been in the field for any length of time are all too familiar with the revolving door syndrome. That is, we witness the system-wide oppression of a small but growing percentage of people seeking our services who are revolving through the social service system over and over again, going from one agency to the next, sometimes for years. They experience multiple barriers, multiple forms of abuse (including provider prejudice) and are often unable to get the right kind of help they need to fully address or resolve their issues

  1. Trauma
  2. Multiple Traumas
  3. Sexual Assault
  4. Rape
  5. Oppression
  6. Incarceration
  7. Sex Trafficking
  8. Homelessness
  9. Poverty
  • Author: Edmund, Debi
  • Publisher: Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
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