Advocate Core Instructor's Training Manual

WCSAP is very pleased to present to you the most recent edition of the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs Advocate Core Instructor’s Training Manual (2016). The revised edition is an easy to read format that contains:

  • Introduction and Instructor’s Overview
  • Storyboard and Checklist
  • Storyboard that shows what lessons correspond with WCSAP online modules
  • Day One: Philosophical Foundations
  • Day Two: Dynamics and Effects of Sexual Assault
  • Day Three: Advocacy and Crisis Intervention
  • Day Four: Legal Advocacy and Self-Care
  • Handouts
  • PowerPoint Presentation

The Instructor’s Training Manual contains training topic/time requirements and a sample evaluation; an updated section on rape culture; a new activity for the anti-oppression section, and updated examples throughout the curriculum to be inclusive of survivors who are incarcerated. You will find all of these materials within this folder. Each day has its own folder and each folder contains all the documents needed for that training day. Please be sure to read the instructor’s manuals and contact WCSAP for assistance. We are here to support the successful training of new sexual assault advocates in order to provide responsive and effective advocacy services to survivors.

In the previous edition (2014), we updated our use of language, and you will continue to see those changes in this edition. WCSAP sometimes uses “they” as a singular pronoun. Language is a powerful tool. It is ever evolving to reflect our culture. We create new words and use words in new ways to reflect our lived experiences and identities. WCSAP strives to reflect this cultural progression when discussing experiences of survivors and advocates of all genders.

Please feel free to contact the Training Specialist using our Training Contact Form with any training development, implementation, or evaluation needs. It is an honor and pleasure to work with and learn alongside you all.

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