Organization membership shall be open to organizations whose beliefs are consistent with the mission and philosophy of WCSAP. (Organizations do not have to primarily provide sexual assault services).

Annual Organizational Membership Fee: $150

Benefits of Organizational Membership

Free Webinar Trainings
WCSAP conducts 1 webinar a month on average that focuses on sexual assault issues and enhancing services. These are free to members.
Reduced Fee for Training (up to two participants)
WCSAP conducts a variety of training events each year that focus on sexual assault issues and enhancing services. Organizations can send up to two participants per training at a reduced rate. Organization Members are also offered priority space on a first come first serve basis. There are on average 1-2 trainings per month.
Reduced Fee for WCSAP Conference (up to two participants)
Two participants will receive a reduced rate per Organization Membership. Last year WCSAP's annual conference held over thirty workshops that focused on sexual assault service delivery, prevention, clinical treatment, and management. The annual conference is a superb opportunity to gather skills, network with other programs, and meet as a community of activists dedicated to the elimination of sexual violence.
Legislative Updates
WCSAP has an active public policy agenda. Organization Membership allows you to receive periodic legislative updates, materials, and an invitation to WCSAP's annual Lobby Day.
Lending Library (free mailing for first 2 items per year)
As a member of WCSAP, organizations have full checkout privileges for books, videos, and other media in the WCSAP library. Our online library now contains over 1,000 articles, books, dissertations, prevention materials, and videos that pertain to sexual assault. The library also contains books on management, board development, and organizational issues. WCSAP covers outgoing postage costs for the first two items in any given year. Organizations cover postage costs for any additional items.
Access to Publications
Members have access to any publications WCSAP produces. Currently, WCSAP publications focus on examining current research, trends, information, and resources in the sexual assault field and sexual assault prevention and social change efforts.
Eligibility for Board Service
Organizational Members are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Directors must be residents of the State of Washington.

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