Sexual Violence Prevention and People With Disabilities



Date of Publication
May, 2009
I am a person, so treat me like you.
Don't hurt me, abuse me,
or embarrass me too.
I think and I feel and I will speak out-
If someone does hurt me,
I'll stand up and shout!

This poem is a nice summary of this issue of Partners in Social Change, where we turn our attention to disabilities and sexual violence prevention.

To craft this issue, we asked ourselves a few questions.

  1. If our organization does not work regularly with people with disabilities, how do we meaningfully work within that community?
  2. What are some successful approaches?
  3. What knowledge do we need to begin or enrich a project?

To answer those questions, we have contributions from innovators who have done sexual violence prevention aimed at people with disabilities. Throughout we will be featuring poetry from Illinois activists and self advocates Amy Walker and Brenda Henson.

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