Intimate Partner Sexual Violence



Date of Publication
June, 2009

Intimate Partner Sexual Violence (IPSV) is a comprehensive term that includes not only marital rape, but all other forms of sexual assault that take place within a current or former intimate relationship, whether the partners are married or not. Sometimes referred to as "sexual assault within the context of domestic violence," IPSV is a complicated, heart-wrenching form of abuse that has often been overlooked by the general public, law enforcement, and human service providers. IPSV is at the intersection of domestic and sexual violence, and is now the focus of attention of programs in both of those movements.

This publication was developed in the context of the innovative statewide and national approach to IPSV that is emerging from the collaborative work of project partners. First published as an edition of the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs' quarterly newsletter, Connections, this compilation of articles represents a wide spectrum of information and practical advice for assessment, intervention, and systems change. Thanks to the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs for their support of this project.

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