Thank U for Coming Out Engaging LGBTQ+ communities in creative primary violence prevention projects


Date of Publication
May, 2021


Utilizing creative and concrete tools in this fun and interactive workshop by Queery, participants can enhance their school-based and organizational primary violence prevention projects. Although Queery's art-based education programs are designed by and for the LGBTQ+ BIPOC communities, the underlying concepts can be used across a variety of violence prevention platforms.

Queery's name comes from the combination of the sociological critical lens called "Queer Theory. " Queer theories may be queer-centric, however they offer the general public ways to be more authentically ourselves by peeling away social constructs. And like any of the sciences, through asking questions we find more authenticity.

Curious? Join us to learn about Queery, queer theory and the variety of art-based and technological tools we have used to engage today's audiences. Also, each participant will leave the session with an action plan they can use with their organization, along with knowledge of how to make spaces more inviting for LGBTQ+ BIPOC people.

Intended audience: preventionist, advocates, and managers.

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