Geoff Peckman (he/him/his)

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Geoff Peckman (he/him/his)

Art Director

Queery: Making Queer Theory Accessible

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Geoff has always had a creative streak and love of art. After several years of art school, Geoff found jobs with the American Red Cross and the NYC Board of Education which allowed him to give back to the community. Eventually Geoff found a home in Westchester County where he could write songs and poetry, work in clay as a ceramic artist, and further expand his design talents.

Coming out to the LGBTQ+ community in 2000, Geoff soon connected with The LOFT, his local LGBTQ+ community center. At the start, he would present his work at a variety of craft fairs and art exhibits. Years later, Geoff would reconnect with The LOFT and volunteer and use his skills designing artwork and logos for a variety of Pride events and group activities.

In 2018, along with his Queery partners, he created the Sticks and Stones exhibit which allowed people to have open conversations about terms used against and within LGBTQ+ communities, a poster about domestic violence, and Just Love, a queer-centric card game that playfully focuses on searching for love, fighting off hate, learning queer history and eventually finding your rainbow.

Since then, he and his teammates have started many new projects including Queer Zen, the Queery Pronoun Challenge, and Queer Community Book Club. Last year, As Queery's Art Director, Geoff uses his artistic talents to create greeting cards for queer and allied communities, under our Queermark project. He has continued his work to improve and expand the knowledge and understanding of folks both inside and outside our LGBTQ+ communities.

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