Vicarious Trauma Training for Managers


Date of Publication
February, 2021


Vicarious trauma is a consequence of working within the field of sexual assault and domestic violence. Research shows that it impacts most practitioners at some point in their careers, yet few organizations have policies in place to prevent or mitigate its negative effects. In this training you will learn about factors that contribute to vicarious trauma, how it can impact staff members, and how to create supportive practices to address the vicarious trauma needs within your organization.  

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    Learning Objectives

    By the end of this training, you will be able to: 

    • define vicarious trauma and differentiate it from other related concepts 
    • identify how vicarious trauma can impact practitioners, personally and professionally  
    • identify 2-3 prevention/intervention strategies to support staff 


    OCVA Grantees

    If you are an OCVA grantee and you are viewing a recorded webinar to help meet your ongoing training requirements, please note:

    • Recorded webinars DO count towards ongoing training hours
    • WCSAP does NOT provide training documentation for watching recorded webinars
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