Radical Candor Management Webinar

January 10, 10:30 am
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As decision makers in management we often wear many hats in leadership, from either being an Executive Director, Manager, Director and or Supervisor. Serving in the capacity of a leader can be so rewarding, especially when your team is cohesive and inspired to continually meet deliverables and outcomes all while being driven towards excellence as they positively engage with you in the workplace.

Yet often times the reality is that serving in the capacity of a manger will require hard and tough decisions to be made, as we live a society where the preference to be liked often outweighs the need to be respected as a leader. However, when we fall short of leading others with direct vision, precision and accountability, goals are not met and the ideas fall short of reaching outcomes, missions and mandates.

Particularly in our industry as change makers we are striving to be conscious of others, while bearing the call to navigate tough dialogue and create effective initiatives with plethora of other co-laborers, who come from a variety of backgrounds. As a manager and a change maker it can be daunting when your team is striving for clear direction, but you have multiple deadlines to meet and struggle with holding all your team members accountable because radical candor isn't always part of your management strategy.

We must be mindful that as leaders, our teams are strengthened by your ability as a manager to remain well versed, personal, diligent and intentional in your leadership style.

In particular, this webinar will allow you to:

  1. Learn about the importance of being diligent and direct with your candor.
  2. Understand the 4 quadrants of the radically candid scale, and where you fit as a manager
  3. Identify the Superstars and Rockstars on your team.
  4. Get Stuff Done: champion your team members towards being engaged change makers.
  5. Care personally but challenge directly.
  6. Stay Centered but yet remain being a proactive manager.