Healthy Relationships

What is a Healthy Relationship?

Talking with teens about what to look for in a healthy relationship is just as valuable as discussing what an unhealthy one looks like. So, what does a healthy relationship look like? The Boston Public Health Commission has developed a quiz that helps to address that very question!

This Healthy Relationship Quiz is one way to support teens in thinking about the qualities they are looking for in a relationship and help empower them to address any areas of concern.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Ending a relationship can be a scary, lonely time. And there are probably very few of us that know how to do it well! The Boston Public Health Commission has also developed a handful of tools, for teens and parents, discussing how to move forward with ending a relationship and how to support a teen going through this.

While it is important to note that these resources are not specific to ending an abusive relationship, there are a number of tips that may be useful to the teens you are working with.

Safety planning would be an important step to include in any discussion.