WCSAP Responds: Member Program Feedback About Anti-Racism Work

The WCSAP staff holds space each month to talk about anti-oppression issues and their connection to anti-sexual violence work. Our meetings over the past year have primarily focused on issues of racism, doing anti-racism work as an agency and as individuals, and how we can share this work with you, our member programs, and engage you in working on this issue with us. In the Anti-Sexual Violence Movement, we do anti-oppression work every day. Sexism is a form of oppression. Sexual assault is a tool of sexism.  Our work fighting sexism and supporting survivors has to be informed by an understanding of how other forms of oppression, like racism, impact survivors and advocates.

In December 2015, we asked for your feedback about our anti-racism work via a survey. We also checked in with you about it in our 2016 Membership Survey, and after our 2016 Annual Conference. Today, during WCSAP's June Anti-Oppression meeting, we reviewed your feedback as a staff so we can ensure our next steps in this process are informed by our membership. The surveys told us clearly that you want to talk with us about this, and that is exciting! You have ideas for what we can do next, and how we can do this better, and we are listening. We can't wait to share more with you as we continue our work, and we want to keep hearing from you about what is working in your communities and what you need from us to be successful. We hope you will see your questions and feedback reflected in this coming year's training opportunities, resources, and in conversations with us.