WCSAP Responds: Secretary DeVos' Statement on Title IX

WCSAP is deeply concerned about the announcement from Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos stating that the Department intends to rescind Title IX sexual assault guidelines and create a new Title IX process.  No action has been taken yet. In her announcement, she criticized the Dear Colleague letter, which we support. Students deserve to be safe on campus and to live free of sexual violence; upholding Title IX and guidance within the Dear Colleague letter is critical.

It’s important to stress that no action has been taken to date and Title IX protections remain in place as does Campus Safe Act regulations.

It’s important to raise our voices in the wake of this alarming statement to undo critical prevention efforts and protections for survivors of sexual assault within educational settings. We encourage your activism on this important matter. Please take a moment and provide feedback to the Department of Education.

Here is a sample script for your consideration to use. Feel free to adapt it or use as is.

Sexual violence is a serious crime. Schools have a responsibility to promote environments free of sexual violence and to have quality prevention activities and survivor-centered and trauma informed responses established. I urge maintenance and full enforcement of Title IX.

Please also use social media to spread awareness. Here is a sample tweet: @BetsyDevosED Survivors need full enforcement of Title IX! We can't go back! #DefendTitleIX #INeedIX

We will keep you apprised of developments and will be working with our national partners, other sexual assault coalitions, and legislators regarding these important survivor protections.