Our New Year's Resolution

Join WCSAP in making anti-oppression a priority in 2020. This year, we make a commitment to:

Identify ways in which we are operating in white supremacy as individuals and agencies: this means we must understand what whiteness looks like in our movement, in our agencies, and in ourselves. If we don't know, we will find resources in which we can learn. We will take accountability for our individual actions and we will take responsibility for the ways in which we perpetuate racist systems.

Interrupt anti-blackness, racism, and white supremacy as it manifests. This means we will stop protecting the culture of whiteness, and speak out when we see racial violence in all its forms. This also means that we will not stay silent when we see racial violence, for silence is complicit and allows racial violence to continue.

Decolonize our selves, our agencies and policies, and our communities. We will come to understand and connect racial violence to the work and movement of sexual violence. We will believe survivors of racial oppression.

You can join WCSAP in this 2020 commitment by signing on and making a personal or agency-wide commitment. We would love to stay accountable together.