Seeking Executive Director

Dear WCSAP members,

As part of our commitment to ensuring strong leadership at the board and executive level, we seeking a visionary leader to serve as WCSAP’s next executive director.

The person who steps into this role will have the opportunity to lead the agency toward a refined vision and defined strategic direction to fulfill WCSAP’s important mission. We’re seeking in candidates who:

  • Are able to build and maintain relationships
  • Can think strategically and collaborate with others to define strategic objectives  
  • Lead in a way that’s inclusive
  • Foster employees in their development, and leverage their talents
  • Embody and promote social justice, anti-oppression, and gender and race equity

We look forward to finding the ideal person to serve in this role and hope you will share the job description with people who have the qualifications to lead the organization.

WCSAP ED job description.

We remain focused on the three commitments we made to you, and know the person we select as executive director will play a vital role in meeting them. We will:

  1. Provide strong services and support
  2. Become an anti-racist organization
  3. Ensure strong leadership at the board and executive level

We will keep you posted as we move forward in the hiring process.


The WCSAP Board of Directors