The media is a great topic to address, especially with youth, as media literacy is a powerful tool in anti-sexual violence work. These talking points could be incorporated in to a presentation you have already planned, or used to facilitate conversations with youth groups you are connecting with.

  1. What messages does the media give us about:
    • gender roles
    • sexuality
    • violence
    • culture
  2. Do you feel that the media accurately represents you (your age, culture, values, etc.)?
  3. What influence does media have on our society?
    • Have there been any recent sexual assaults reported or discussed by the media in your community?
    • If so, you can bring copies of the article and address how the issue was covered.
    • Who is held accountable for what happened?
    • What words are used to describe what happened?
  4. Media can be a powerful tool. What are some ideas on how to use media to create positive social change?