A Freed Woman's Dance

Date of Publication
January, 2008



"This journey towards the remembrance and recognition of one’s true self awaits us all. Nothing can stop it. As we so beautifully see in these pages, not even the most tremendous pain can halt the flowering of the spirit—if we refuse to let it. In that sense, this is not a book about agony of abuse—be it sexual, physical or emotional. This is a book about healing, about coming together, about embracing the love and forgiveness that it takes to reclaim the most tender and vulnerable parts of the self. This is a book about one woman’s journey through grief and fear into authentic freedom.That is a freed woman’s dance." from the Foreword by Kuwana Haulsey, Author, Red Moon and Angel of Harlem This is the story of Doris Cope's first eighteen years. Growing up in the deep south, she was the child of parents struggling to survive. They ran a saloon, which eventually moved into their home. This, and other circumstance, exposed Doris and her siblings to danger. Although she was betrayed and hurt on many fronts, Doris finds her way through and is able to live a joyful life.

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