Management Tools



Forms for Sexual Assault Programs

Limited Release of Information Forms - These forms were created by Julie Field, founder of The Confidentiality Institute and the Safety Net Project, National Network of Domestic Violence. (2008, last revised 2010). They can be downloaded and modified to include your agency information.

Management Resources

20 Ways for Advocacy Staff to Develop Leadership Skills
Whether or not there is a formal career ladder within your community sexual assault agency, there are ways that executive directors and program managers can help other staff members to develop their leadership skills.
Self-Assessment for Managers of Sexual Assault Services
This is for your eyes only. Rate your level of comfort and knowledge with each of the following issues or topics by putting an X on the line between Low and High at the level that best describes you. Remember that WCSAP provides training and personalized technical assistance on each of these topics-don't hesitate to call.