Our Whole Lives (OWL) (2013)



Curriculum Cost

The Unitarian Universalist Association created this secular curriculum to help participants make informed and responsible decisions about their sexual health and behavior. It equips participants with accurate, age-appropriate information in six subject areas:

  • human development,
  • relationships,
  • personal skills,
  • sexual behavior,
  • sexual health, and
  • society and culture.

Each volume contains different lessons, ranging from 8-session to 27-session curricula.

Empirical Support

No evaluation data available. Curriculum based on the Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education produced by the National Guidelines Task Force, a group of health, education, and sexuality professionals assembled by the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS). The curriculum is also designed to meet or exceed the National Standards for Sexuality Education Core Curriculum, K-12.

Target Audience

Six different age-appropriate volumes available:

  1. K-grade 1,
  2. grades 4-6,
  3. grades 7-9,
  4. grades 10-12,
  5. young adults (age 18-35), and
  6. adults.

Each volume is sold separately with prices ranging from $40 to $75.

Facilitators encouraged to attend training.