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January, 2014

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month. Tweens, teens, and young adults engage in relationships — these can be simple or complex, fulfilling or frustrating, and sometimes dangerous. When working to promote healthy, positive relationships for youth we must create strategies that address physical, emotional, sexual, and digital forms of abuse.

Many preventionists are already doing great social change work in schools. We can amplify our prevention impact by…

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Enhancing Prevention With Art
May, 2016

There is a lot of research and support on the arts as a teaching tool and a therapy modality. It is also very often a great platform for awareness projects that give voice to survivors and community activists making statements on social change. All of these uses of art — awareness raising and supporting survivor healing — are important pieces of the puzzle in moving towards ending sexual violence.

This issues of "PISC" seeks to explore how art can be applied in a comprehensive…

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September, 2014

In our work to end sexual violence, sometimes best practices in prevention and what communities want to hear about (i.e. awareness and education) are not the same thing. Large school assemblies and tips for staying safe at parties are often welcomed by our communities — these make them feel safe and don't ask too much of them. With limited resources to do our prevention work, it is important that we are able to distinguish between primary prevention and awareness or risk reduction activities…

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