Preventing Child Sexual Abuse



Date of Publication
June, 2015

A few years ago my coworker and I started having those kinds of conversations that make you excited and confused at the same time. We spun around in circles conceptualizing: what would child sexual abuse primary prevention really look like? Existing tools and resources we knew of fell short of a truly primary prevention approach — they tended to put the burden of protection on children, were aimed at early detection skills and general awareness raising, or were a one-time presentation. We embarked on a process of research and gathering feedback from our members and ended up with an exciting new project to pilot and many wonderful partners. This issue of "PISC" highlights the lessons learned and new directions in our state.

The articles in this issue of "PISC" provide frameworks and examples of prevention work that supports healthy development, protective factors, and resiliency in children, families, and communities. We begin by providing a look into the complimentary field of research and ground work in childhood development and trauma. Next we delve into two nuanced topics: child sexual abuse in Latin@ communities and addressing sexual development for children. The following articles spotlight a new resource tool and the pilot project WCSAP has supported across the state. We finish this issue with our Question Oppression and Resources sections to help further the conversation about consent in your work.

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