Setting Our Sights on Sexual Liberation



Date of Publication
June, 2021

This issue of PISC we're taking a deeper dive into the topic of sexuality and thinking on the community-level.

In past issues we've explored individual-level skills related to consent and sexual health. These are critical building blocks that help create the readiness to ask bigger and bolder questions about what we and our communities need in order to:

  • Change how our friends and families have conversations about sex, gender, and race?
  • Change school & social environments and structural factors that impact the daily lives of young people?
  • Change rigid, unrealistic, and limited cultural norms about sexuality?

This issue provide concepts, examples, activities, and questions that center strategies promoting intersectionality, equity, joy, wholeness, and critical analysis. We're grateful to feature voices that span a variety of experiences: a preventionist turned sexuality coach and owner of WinkWink Boutique to students from a Seattle-based high school; and are also coast-to-coast from Washington to our sister coalition in Virginia and a sexual assault center in Maine.

Together let’s set our intentions on: Sexual Pleasure. Liberation. Reproductive Justice.

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