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A Family-Based Teen Dating Violence Abuse Prevention Program
March, 2013

Foshee, V. et all (2012). Journal of Adolescent Health.

Often when we think about teen dating abuse prevention programs, we think of programs delivered in a school setting. Moreover, we may even think specifically of the curriculum Safe Dates, as it is one of the only evidence-based teen dating abuse prevention curricula. However, the Families for Safe Dates program combined components of the Safe Dates curriculum with additional activities and presents them in a very new format: at…

Parents & Caregivers, Curriculums, Healthy Relationships
October, 2011

Tabachnick, J. (2009). "Engaging Bystanders in Violence Prevention." Encola, PA: National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

The publication Engaging Bystanders in Violence Prevention makes the sometimes complex nature of violence prevention and the bystander approach easy to understand. While providing insight into why people are not always active bystanders, the…

March, 2012

Townsend, S. (2012). "Year 2 Report: Innovations in Prevention." Encola, PA. National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) is conducting a three-year project assessing needs and strengths of the sexual violence prevention field. This project will improve our understanding of the training and technical assistance needs of the field and the capacity for effective prevention. While many of the recommendations in the report are tailored…

Theory & Concepts
Volume 3, 2011
March, 2011

In Books & Research first we review Conceptualizing the Engaging Bystander Approach to Sexual Violence Prevention on College Campuses, a research study with college students to learn more about bystander behaviors and attitudes.

Then we examine American Perceptions of Sexual Violence: A Frameworks Research Report, the first part of a comprehensive investigation into effective education and prevention of sexual violence in our country. This report summarizes the findings of…

Campus, Best Practices, Bystanders, Media Literacy & Technology
Volume 2, 2009
December, 2009


Books & Research

  • "Response Ability" is a text on the theory and practice of the bystander intervention approach to sexual violence prevention.
  • "Programs to Reduce Teen Dating Violence & Sexual Assault: Perspectives on What Works" is an extensive report on research conducted among Prevention Professionals.

Films & Media

  • "Straight Talk: The Truth About Alcohol And Sex" is…
CSA Prevention, Bystanders
Volume 1, 2009
March, 2009

Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Prevention Review (TPR), a new resource for prevention staff. The intention of TPR is to deliver information on resources that influence or can enhance your prevention activities. These resources will regularly be pulled from three realms:



Best practices come from the rigorous study of innovative pro­grams. It is our intention to deliver to you novel approaches, ap­plicable evaluation results, and national…

The Virginity Movement's War Against Women
June, 2012

This documentary is an adaptation of Jessica Valenti's 2009 bestselling book "The Purity Myth: How America's Obsession with Virginity is Hurting Young Women." The documentary, which Valenti co-wrote the documentary with director Jeremy Earp, brings to life her argument by allowing the audience to see the pop-culture examples of the American media's problematical portrayal of women's sexuality.

The book and documentary both build upon Valenti's concept of the "purity myth," which she…

Faith Communities, Healthy Relationships, Healthy Sexuality, Theory & Concepts
The Smart Girl's Shame-Free Guide to Sex and Safety
December, 2011

Friedman, J. (2011). "What You Really Really Want: The Smart Girl's Shame-Free Guide to Sex and Safety." Berkeley, CA: Seal Press.

For some time now we have been attempting to reframe conversations about sexual violence and consent, shifting the focus away from negative things that we see happening and promoting the positive things that we want to happen. One example of this is the change from using a "no means no" approach, which does not fully represent consent, to using a "yes…

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