Consent Activity Flags



Date of Publication
April, 2014

These flags give youth and adults the opportunity to start conversations about consent!

This interactive tool allows people to think about the spectrum of verbal and non-verbal ways consent and non-consent is communicated. Additionally, this activity goes beyond just defining consent and asks participants to apply the concept of complex consent. This process makes them put consent in their own words and terms which in turn makes it more likely to be realistic and therefore applied in their relationships/ daily lives. This is a great session to incorporate into your sexual violence prevention programming.

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These flags were created as part of the 2014 Sexual Assault Awareness Month campaign 'Be The Solution'.

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Resources on WCSAP

  • Looking for examples of verbal and non-verbal signs of consent and non-consent to enrich this activity? Check out the helpful tables from the Scarleteen article featured in this issue of Partners in Social Change. We strongly encourage facilitators to utilize these tables as a teaching tool before the Consent Flag Activity.