Tools for Online Facilitation A Prevention Resource Zine



Date of Publication
June, 2021

Over the last year plus, many of us have moved our often in-person prevention services, meetings, and workshops or trainings online. This transition allowed us to stay connected with our communities while prioritizing community care and safety. And, while, here in the United States we have been able to start “opening back up” or convening in-person with one another again, we have learned how important it is to continue providing online services, meetings, and gatherings for our work to truly be accessible and center marginalized communities.

In addition to ensuring access to our online and remote programming by making sure closed captioning, ASL interpretation, and multi-lingual spaces are available, another important component of remote programming is experimenting with new tools and approaches to make this work experiential and engaging. Especially as preventionists, we know that it isn’t just about what we are teaching or sharing with our communities, but how we do it. We also know that there is often lots of knowledge and expertise in the rooms that we enter, and uplifting that shared knowledge is a key part of our work.

The goal of this illustrated resource zine is to share a few online tools that preventionists can use in their online programming to support learning, skill sharing, and deeper engagement. Some of these tools may be completely new, while others you may be more familiar with! The most important thing is to experiment and be creative; some tools can be used in ways even their developers didn’t think about, and ultimately you know your community best — strategize on how you can introduce and use these tools with your people to make your online spaces what you need them to be.