Characteristics of Successful Organizers



Date of Publication
February, 2013

Prevention requires building lasting, meaningful relationships with your community. The below list, taken from Community Building: What Makes It Work, describes some of the key skills required in facilitators.

Understanding the Community
Successful community building efforts tend to have organizers who have a thorough understanding of the culture, social structure, demographics, political structure, and issues in the community.
Sincerity of Commitment.
Successful community building efforts more likely occur when organized by individuals who convey a sincere commitment for the community's well-being.
A Relationship of Trust.
Successful efforts are more likely to occur when the organizers develop trusting relationships with community residents.
Level of Organizing Experience.
Successful community building efforts more likely occur when the organizers are experienced in the many facets of working with communities.
Able to be Flexible and Adaptable.
Successful community building efforts are more likely when the organizers are flexible and able to adapt to constantly changing situations and environments.