Hollaback! To Prevent Gender-based Street Harassment



Date of Publication
August, 2012

We've all heard the phrase "break the silence" and it has been an important part of raising awareness of sexual violence and giving survivors a chance to speak out. We must remember that if sexual violence occurs on a continuum then our prevention efforts must also. Taking a stand against gender-based street harassment is a good opportunity to reinforce the message that we are working to create social change and live in a world free of language, attitudes, and actions that support sexual violence.

Don't just walk on, Hollaback!

Anyone Hollaback! to break the silence of street harassment and help prevent violent language from supporting or perpetuating violent actions in our community

Hollaback! began as a blog in NYC and has spread to cities across the country and around the world. The site provides a space to speak out against street harassment and tools for responding. Folks can Hollaback! with an email, tweet, photo or app from their cell phone. Check out HollaBackDC to see how they are using this platform to affect policies and create a safer city.

Have a group of excited, dedicated, and blog-friendly volunteers? Start a "hollaback" in your community and break the silence on your streets!

Resources on Other Websites

  • There are lots of ways to utilize technology to combat gender-based street harassment. Working on a global scale is Stop Street Harassment, another outlet to share stories and end the violence.